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A Thai artist in living in America. One who shamelessly draws dapper men amongst other things. Inspired by Imperial Russia, The Old West, Norse Mythology, The Middle East, South Asia, 19th and 20th Century, Tolkien, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Marvel, Steampunk, Decopunk, Dieselpunk, Mucha, Leyendecker and much more.

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I did it again.
Because a tuna sandwich is an essential snack for Tony Stark before he saves the world yet again.Iron Man III © Marvel

Wishes being fullfilled starting today!So here’s Ploy’s suggestion of what I should draw: Thorin Oakenshield!I dwarf’ified him more, so he’s a little older (as he is in the book) and uglier lol 30mins 

Yasemin is awesome, she drew me a Thorin! This lady is all sorts of wonderful.
I can’t leave the idea of Thor’s star crown imagery from myth alone. Here’s the IKEA holiday lights edition (don’t try this at home). Based on photos of the new design for Thor: The Dark World.Thor © Marvel
Doodle of Thor’s glorious Asgardian locks and Loki’s jail hair…

fuck-off-its-meese asked: 1. you are amazingly talented. 2. That Thorin and Dwalin being bro's pick is fucking brilliant.

Thank you!! :) Well a lot of the official (movie) material did say they’re like best buds.

My fav Middle-Earth shieldbros taking it easy in Ered Luin.The Hobbit by JRR TolkienThe Hobbit (2012 Movie) © Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema/MGM
Another OC, Constantin.
Another one of my OCs, companion piece to this here.
The final product of a tutorial I did for a friend’s class. See the followup piece here.
One whole day without internet and I this is what I missed.
Let me tell you a thing, I had hoped we’d see some sort of dwarf-elf-sass-a-thon. Peter Jackson delivered. I had to doodle it out of my system. Not even sorry.The Hobbit by JRR TolkienThe Hobbit (2012-2013 Movie) © Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema/MGM