A Thai artist in living in America. One who shamelessly draws dapper men amongst other things. Inspired by Imperial Russia, The Old West, Norse Mythology, The Middle East, South Asia, 19th and 20th Century, Tolkien, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Marvel, Steampunk, Decopunk, Dieselpunk, Mucha, Leyendecker and much more.

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1920s Soldier

I don’t think I’ve ever painted so fast before in my life…

Since rocket launchers didn’t come around until the Second World War, I had to kinda make one up based on cannons from WWI, so historians please don’t maul my poor soul.

This one goes out to my friend Disney who has completed a lifetime achievement of sending a certain someone we know to respawn with the stroke of his riding crop and sending me a video of it for my amusement.

For other 1920s class(es):


Soldier/Team Fortress 2 © Valve Software

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